Herman Miller Aeron Chair Replacement Back Part

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Product Description

Aeron Chair Replacement Back

These are replacemtent chair backs for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.  These are orignial equipment manufactured parts for Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.  These are their "classic carbon" trim with "pellicle" fabric.  The chair backs install easily to replace your existing Aeron chair parts. 

Aeron chairs come in sizes A, B, and C. A is the smallest size, B is medium and C is the largest. You can determine the size of your chair back by feeling behind the plastic rim at the top of the back of the chair where it says "Herman Miller".  You will feel a bump or dot. There will be ONE dot for size A, TWO dots for B, and THREE dots for C.

An alternative method to determine the size of your chair is to turn your chair on its side and looking on the tag.  There will be a model number like this: AE...W_............  In this example, the letter that appears after the "W" is your chair size.

Please select which size you need and you can order away!!

  • Lead time can be up to 3-4 weeks if not in stock
  • Classic carbon pellice airweave fabric 3D01 (black)
  • Black frame BK/G1
  • Check model info on your chair to confirm color match

Please Email Us for a Volume Discounted Quote.

We obtain and resell parts from authorized Herman Miller suppliers and sources. We are not Herman Miller, Inc. and it is not our intention to represent ourselves as Herman Miller, Inc. 

241728 3D01 G1

241729 3D01 G1

241730 3D01 G1


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