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How to Install a Replacement Gas Cylinder for Aeron Chairs

Which Size Aeron Chair Do I Have?

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How To Tell Which Size Aeron Chair I Have

If you're not sure which size Aeron chair you have, our guide will help. Aeron chairs come in three sizes- A, B, and C. A is the smallest, and C is the largest. You can determine the size of your chair by feeling underneath the plastic rim of the top of the chairback. You will feel a bump(s) or a dot(s). There will be ONE dot for A, TWO dots side by side for B, and THREE dots in a triangle for C.

Can't figure out which size Aeron chair I have?

Another method to determine your Aeron chair size is by turning your chair over and looking on the tag. It's usually located underneath the seat. There will be a model number like this: AE...W_............ In this example, the letter that appears after the "W" is your chair size.

What size Aeron chair do I have?

After you have figured out what size Aeron you have, you can go ahead and order the part you need from our website:

Refurbish My Aeron Chair Accessories Kit


Aeron replacement seats-

Size A


Size B


Size C


Aeron Replacement Backs (all sizes):


Foam inserts (all sizes):


Lumbar pads:

Clone (sizes A and B only)


Size A


Size B


Size C


Posturefit Kits:

Size A


Size B


Size C


If you have any further questions, please contact us by clicking here.


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